We're often asked why we manufacture Katherine Way collections in the USA, rather than at an offshore or overseas factory. To us, the choice is simple. Manufacturing apparel in the USA is a great way to support the economy, promote sustainable practices, and produce high-quality garments.

First and foremost, we're committed to supporting domestic manufacturing that helps to boost the American economy, creating jobs and stimulating local businesses. The people who make Katherine Way dresses, tops and bottoms aren't anonymous to us; we get to know them personally and count them as trusted colleagues. Many of these manufacturing pros have been with the brand since its inception so they understand our customers, our product and our vision. 

By purchasing Katherine Way products made in the USA, you can feel good about supporting ethical and sustainable practices, as American-made apparel like Katherine Way is subject to higher standards for labor conditions, environmental impact, and quality control. Our close relationship with our manufacturers, and our ability to frequently visit and inspect the plants making our products allows us to ensure that the conditions are the best in the industry. 

Additionally, when you buy from Katherine Way, you reduce the carbon footprint associated with shipping products from overseas, which can help mitigate the negative impact on the environment.

Finally, by buying apparel made in the USA, you can be assured of the quality, as Katherine Way American-made garments are crafted with attention to detail and with the use of higher quality materials. 

Thanks for making Katherine Way part of your wardrobe, and for supporting us in our mission to make ethical and sustainable manufacturing processes part of the #WayToDress.