Katherine's Kitchen: Spring Garden Crostini's with Edible Flowers

Katherine's Kitchen:
Spring Garden Crostini's with Edible Flowers

April showers brings May flowers and we cannot get over how delicious and beautiful this appetizer is. Perfect just in time for Mother's day, wedding showers or any gathering you may be having; these gorgeous appetizers will have everyone talking.

Picture courtesy of: Lisa - Food Blogger at Delicious Table.com | Click Here for her Original Recipe

What are Crostini's? 

Crostini's are a fancy word for baguette slices toasted to a perfect crisp crunch topped with a refreshing herb cream cheese of your choice. In this recipe we've followed Lisa's recipe and garnished with spring garden and edible flowers.


A baguette (you can purchase from a local bakery or grocery store)
Olive oil
Whipped or softened cream cheese (we love Kite Hill non-dairy cream cheese)
Fresh Herbs such as: parsley, dill, basil, chives
Edible flowers (if you're new to this edible flower world some options are begonia, hibiscus, jasmine, dandelion, lavender and nasturtiums)

If you want to know more about edible flowers, we highly recommend this great article out of Southern Living. | Click Here to Read


 How to Make Spring Garden Crostini's with Edible Flowers: 

Make Crostini Toasts:
Start by slicing baguette diagonally with a bread knife. Brush with olive oil and grill. 
Make Cream Cheese Spread:
Grab your cream cheese and herbs of choice. Mince the herbs, mix the herbs with cream cheese and VOILA...you've got a spread.
Garnish & Decorate:
Spread cheese on bread. Garnish with flowers, parsley, mint, etc. 


This appetizer is already a delicious rainbow of flavor, so we believe you can do no wrong when trying to find the best way to assemble this dish. We recommend using a charcuterie board or a ceramic serving dish. If all else fails, roll out some parchment or wrapping paper directly on your counter or table. 


Picture courtesy of: Lisa - Food Blogger at Delicious Table.com | Click Here for her Original Recipe 

Where to Purchase Edible Flowers:

You can buy edible flowers from your local grocery store, local produce delivery service, order them online from a vendor like The Chef's Garden, and you can order them through Costco. Per the pros at Southern Living (and from your taste buds) avoid using flowers that have been sprayed with any chemicals or pesticides.
Remember folks, NOT ALL FLOWERS ARE EDIBLE. When in doubt, spit it out.


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