Katherine's Kitchen: Grab and Gab Charcuterie Cones

How to Make Grab and Gab Charcuterie Cones

Need a socially distanced but delicious appetizer for your Galentine's gathering? Look no further than Deanna's recipe for Grab and Gab Charcuterie Cones.

What are Charcuterie Cones? 

Charcuterie cones are the new grazing boards. They are hand-held single servings cheese boards perfect for a pandemic party...or how to keep your cheese board free of people who can't keep their mitts off the mozzarella. 


How To Assemble: 

Wrap up a cute paper cone, butcher paper, or anything you'd like to use like a mug, cup, or mason jar and fill it with your favorite cheese, meats, and accoutrements. Our list is above but use whatever you have in your fridge or pantry. 

How to Serve the Cones: 

  • Keep in mind these must be held upright or it will spill. 
  • Use a tray or wine glass to balance the cones. 
  • If you're feeling fancy, you can use a cool cone container. 

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